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Friday Prayer

Today I did my friday prayer at Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar As Siddiq, Bangsar (easily mentioned as Masjid Bangsar because it is the only one there-stuck in the middle of hanky-panky of Bangsar). It was so comfortable compared to my weekly prayer at Masjid HKL.

The mosque was easily accessible although I had to park some distance away (it was ok because I wanted to have lunch ). There was a small entrance gate beside the main road so there was no need to enter through the main gate. The wudhu area was clean and not slippery although the water pressure was a bit low until the Indon man beside me need to wait for me to finish taking my wudhu because his pipe water suddenly went dry while he was taking his wudhu. The prayer hall was fully carpetted and the area where I prayed was clean and comfortable. There were adequate fans although it was a bit hot as they were not switched to full speed. But I did not sweat as profuse as when I prayed in Masjid HKL. The main prayer hall was not air-conditioned as the Masjid HKL but it was comfortable enough for the large number of jemaah there. Maybe due to the types of workers plying their trades and skills there, the jemaah looked ‘better’ in terms of appearance. Don’t take me wrong-I’m not differentiating anybody as we are equals in front of Allah.

I hope that Masjid HKL can provide more comfort to the friday prayer jemaah. Not only in terms of adequate fans and ventilations, but also in terms of coverage as there will always be people who need to pray outside the extended prayer hall in the middle of the hot and scorching sun. I do agree that we should except what ever we had when we make our way to the mosque, but comfort is important to maintain concentration and being ‘khusyuk’ during prayer.


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