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Do we need street protest?

The recent friday and saturday will not be best remembered by those living and commuting in and around Kuala Lumpur. This was because of the massive traffic jam as a consequence from the street protests.

Do we really need these life-annoying events?

I really think Malaysians should not condone these kind of acts. Why should a group of people with their own and personal aims caused hardships to thousands of other ‘uninterested and so-called’ ignorance citizens like me and you? We had already devoted 5 days a week of our life to our jobs, in search of incomes and were looking forward to the weekends to relieve our stressful minds, but then we were told that the city was inaccessible due to the gatherings of these so-called people who demanded for ‘changes’.

Why these people (if I may use my word-stupid people) want to demonstarate about abolishing an act that the government already planned to review it, is a big question to my politically-uninclined mind. I heard that most of them came from outside KL, even as far as the east coast states to participate. To my uninitiated mind, this anti-ISA gatherings was a politically motivated gatherings.

Why was it held in the heart of KL, in the heart of commerce and business, where its roads are directly connected to the main traffic flow of KL? Why won’t the organizers did it far away in a less disturbing place then sent a representative to hand in the most important memorandum to the king? These people only like to cause hardships in the daily life of others. If I may speak on behalf of those not so well politically inclined, I think that the gathering was at utmost bulls*** and really ‘menyusahkan orang’! Are those who gathered there really know what the hell ISA is, or at least the year it was drafted and the reason behind it? I really doubt it because they were there because of political gain. If not, tell me why there was chanting of ‘Mati BN?’

I read in the newspapers that there were several protesters that fainted, and even a teenager who collapsed due to asthmatic attack and were rushed to the hospital (where else, Hospital Kuala Lumpur la-kesian kat staff yang kerja shif pagi dan petang). This is what I want to say to the protesters” “padan muka!’ Who ask you to be there in the first place? The protesters were swarming in the heat of KL, shouting and screaming, while their big bosses who I think are also as mindless as many of their followers, happily sat under the shade, coming and going in air-conditioned car.

Adil ke macam tu? Pakatan Rakyat konon!


Sunday, August 2, 2009 - Posted by | Live n let die!

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