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Reversing the policy

The most hotly debated and discussed reversal of policies now is the reversal of the teaching of mathematic and science in english (PPSMI) policy. It was introduced by then PM Tun Mahathir back in 2003 and touted as one of the way to haul up Malaysia faster towards the developed nation status. It was met by many challenges, not only by the students in their quest to learn something deemed difficult subjects by many in english, but by also those responsible in teaching those subjects as many of the teachers and educators were themselves were poor in mastering english. So, the controversies led to many discussions, protests, forums bla bla bla. There was even a movement ‘Gerakan Basmi PPSMI’ initiated in protest to this policy.

But, came recent week in July 2009, our new prime minister has announced the irreversible demolishing action of reversing the PPSMI by 2012, and by then our students will then be again learning these subjects in Malay.

I personally feel that the decision was atrociously incorrect and done with a political agenda behind it?

Many of the so-called movements for the Malay language lauded the PM’s decision. But here at the grass roots, people are expressing their dissapointments about it.

One question comes to my mind: Why is it only the Malays are talking a lot about it?

The other questions:

What about the other races?

 Are the other races don’t care whether PPSMI stay or go?

My grass-root is in the Malay middle class, live comfortably in the outskirt of KL and my daughter has most of the things that she wanted. Me and my wife talks in Malay and also English to her, and my wife’s 7-year-old niece talks english to my daughter when she came back from school. We always has Berita Harian and The Star on weekdays, plus NST and Mingguan Malaysia on weekends.

-Thus I am aware of the importance of English for my daughter

-Insyaallah she will be able to has a good grasp in both Malay and English

-I can always buy English books for her and send her to English tuition class, if needed

BUT ……

what about those people whom their grassroots are in the low social class?

where are they going to learn English?

are their parents or children so aware about the importance of English?

they have only schools to provide them with english teachings …… and perhaps, it is from schools that they can hear (not to the level of listening yet) english words and phrases (please minus the vulgar ones)


We should be teaching subjects in our Malay also.

BUT we should have fully English-stream schools also …………… hail the Malay College!


Monday, July 13, 2009 - Posted by | Live n let die!


  1. you fucking stupid malay. you eat and shit in the us and u want to lecture us malay about binding their mind.

    Bakri, It is precisely of stupid fucking malays like you that we need to to strengthen national unity and jati diri.

    It is because of neo colonialist mind like you Mahathir and his family who have plundered so that now Mokzani his son is the richest malay according to forbes that we must not allow neo penjajah ini membelenggu pemikiran melayu.

    you bakri is a fucking shit head of a malay. You think you are clever just because you are a surgeon. hahaha many of my friends from ukm are surgeons too and they were based in malays.

    Malays will conquer the world. the us is on the brink of bankruptcy. they only print money in exchange for malays goods. Once china refuse to accept any us dollars then you will come begging to poor binded malaysia.

    you fucking stupid malay

    Comment by bond | Friday, July 17, 2009 | Reply

    • Hi Bond,

      I do agree with some of your points eg. serving the country and living and contributing to the society and not just knowing how and what to criticize. There is a lot of anger and resentment in your post, which are understandable.
      But, we need to (heavy-heartedly, maybe) accept that people have choices in life and Bakri took his abroad, well, maybe he contributed enough?
      As all other things in life- nothing is enough

      Comment by drloysz | Saturday, April 24, 2010 | Reply

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