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Today is a weekend off.

I’d finished the last oncall of this month on tuesday. it was really a bad oncall, and i would said it got worst from the previous one. an incident happened during the oncall (but i didn’t realized it till tomorrow afternoon).

dr zanariah’s geriatric patient complained that he had a fall. he claimed it happened on the night of my oncall. however, it was not reported to the staffs nor did they witnessed the fall. to complicate matters, i did not record anything from the patient because i didn’t do the night round …. nice eh?

hey, i was really busy ok! i got down to a&e after taking my bath at 9 pm and stayed there till 12 am. who on earth want to wake up the patients for night round at 12 am when they already sleeping? in fact, dr siti had already made the specialist night round earlier around 730 pm. why must the MO make another round? gila ker apa?

so the incident had been reported as official incidence. so, i may need to answer to the incidence commitee later.

hah… whatever lah. shit happened.


Saturday, June 27, 2009 - Posted by | Jobs and Works

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