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Antipsychiatry movement and consumerism



 The link was emailed to me by my friend last week.

My first impression was of shock that there are people outside there who still think that psychiatry is not a usefull branch of medical study. Later, after reading the first few paragraphs, only I start to realize that the antipsychiatry movement is due to the ‘conflict’ between the psychiatrist themselves. The question whether psychological-based or biological-based psychiatry is appropriate has been an open secret for decades, at least among the psychiatric community. It was quite shocking when the article mention about prominent names such as Foucalt, Laing and Szasz as the founders and thinkers of antipsychiatry movements at the initial stage. These are the names who still exist at least in the basic sciences text book of psychiatry that i’m reading for my exam. However, it was sad that the article did not mention any prominent names from the biological-based psychiatry who tried to counter their opinions.

The article described prominently about the ‘power’ biological psychiatry has over the states and goverment and has been trying to put bad lights on the psychological psychiatry. Many books and articles from the thinkers of psychological psychiatry was mentioned about the apparent overrule of biological psychiatry and their mistreatment of patients.

However, it was sad to note that the antipsychiatry movement has been taken over by so-called radical consumerism activity. The academic thinkers of psychological psychiatry has been shunned off to make way for former psychiatry patients to take over the leadership. I’m not sure what the article really mean by former patient. Maybe those who had already 100% cured from their psychiatric illness with nil relapse episode and not taking any kind of therapy anymore, or are they those who are only taking psychological-based therapy.

It’ll take another 10, 20, 30 or more years for patients and consumers in Malaysia to realize the antipsychiatry movement does exist and has been championing the rights to avoid involuntary admission, prescription of drugs and physical treatments. How are Malaysians gonna realized that when we are still believing that psychiatry is another disturbances in life due to the disturbing forces of the unknown, and when patients are more likely to be brought to see the traditional healers first before doctors.


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