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“Malaysian police arrest five at funeral march”

That is the headline for Malaysian MSN when I opened the browser today.

I’m not shock because there was whole bunch of policemen near and around UMMC alone yesterday when I went there. I supposed the policemen were present throughout the way to the dead man’s funeral. There were rumours yesterday that the dead body will be paraded around town to show how brutal and corrupted the Malaysian police are – what a stupid joke!

I can understand the rage of the family and I can understand the dissatisfaction of several ‘groups’ regarding the matter of death in custody, and I think that the AG is right to further continue the probe as death in custody is no small issue. However, I cannot understand why the dead man was hailed as such a hero, where in reality he was actually a luxury car theft – if not, how can he lead the police to discover the stolen vehicles? At the same time, the police force was put in such a bad light that we might need another force to guard our security. Private security firms, anyone? I also cannot understand why we must affiliate the police force directly with the government? Police force is in their own identity. They are not obliged to follow any directive from the legislative. Ok, their salary is paid by the goverment, but they receive their own orders. If not, are we going to directly pay the police force by donating money into any ‘tabung’ in front of the police station? I doubt people will do that because we Malaysians are well known for our ‘kedekut habit- no matter what races or social class we come.

The stupid large procession did made life difficult to everyone else. Not many people want to be part of this stupid march. We just want to continue our so-called normal life. Our life is already messed up with this economic recession, and we don’t want to further complicate this. I need to get out early from UM yesterday to pick up my wife because I did not want to be stuck in the traffic jam secondary to the march. To do that, I need to quit early from my group discussion and missed the last chunk of the discussion. Who knows what was discussed during my absence might come out in the exam. If I cannot answer the question, can I blame it on this so-called ‘groups’? Maybe other people need to rush to sent their family to hospital with their own car, then was not able to reach the A&E in time at the patient’s condition deteriorated, so who can they blame? The hospital obviously, because this so-called protest group will dissappear into thin air.

I really hate demonstrations, marches, protest etc. It only makes life more difficult. It does not bring better life. You can get noticed and be popular through demonstration, when it only disrupt the life of ‘insan-insan marhain yang lain’.

Lastly, I cannot understand the so-called ‘unfairness of the government towards the people, especially the Indians’. Why is Indians feel they are the only group being marginallised? What about the Malays who are still living in the dump? What about those Chinese that still selling pirated goods for living? Are we not unfairly treated as well? Every community is given a chance to upgrade their lives by the goverment. But unfortunately every community produce their own self-created problem that continue to halt their progress: Malays with their lazziness and drugs problems, Chinese with their gangsterism and the Indians with their alcoholism and suicide (at least they are the majority of suicidal attempt cases I saw in hospital). So, must we still blame the government? “Tuhan tidak akan merubah hidup sesuatu kaum itu selagi mereka sendiri tidak berusaha merubahnya” So the question is: “Has we tried everything to change our life to the better before blaming someone elese?”


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  1. Yeah..a fair and civilsed view on social events..I’d vote for you for president….

    Comment by bill | Monday, April 13, 2009 | Reply

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