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Hospital Kuala Lumpur

I finishned my oncall for the month of January 2009 yesterday. Today is the first day of 2009’s year of the ox CNY and I’m starting my self-proclaimed study week till 2nd Feb, and that’s a whole long week.

I’ve already been in HKL psychiatry department for nearly two months now. It’s a lot different compared to either Sg Petani or even UMMC. The most prominent is the high workload, number of patients and fast turn over of bed. Then the varieties of cases and the types and class of patients you see there. Then later, it’s about the style of managements and the availability of pharmacological agents to choose.

Let me talk first about the patients. There is sure whole lot of patients there. I was only managing up to maximum of 5 or 6 in-patients at any one time in UMMC, but here in HKL there will be at least 11 to be cared of, and if you are not lucky (either you are alone in your team or you have to cover your colleague in the same team) the number can rise up to 18 or even 20 patients at a time, and they must be seen daily. Luckily, I’m managing the team with one of my colleague so we managed to split up the allocation of patients but that didn’t spare me the tension when I need to cover her up during her leave. Luckily also for me, as I used to see 15 to 18 in-patients/day when I was in Sg. Petani. This way I can tell myself that it’s not THAT bad in HKL. We see mostly low to medium class of people in HKL. Mostly are in social class II and III, but there are those in social class V. They comprised of Malaysians and also international ‘customers’ and majority of them are foreign workers either legal or illegal ones. Somedays, they can also be some tourists who turned psychotic on their ‘visit’ to Malaysia. Majority of admissions are re-admissions and majority due to poor compliance. We see same cases of schizophrenia, mood disorders and organic psychoses, but the presentations (especially the content of the thought disturbances) are quite different from UMMC. The patients can present with very bizarre delusions and their disorganized behaviours can be very very psychotic (maybe we saw these much more as staffs in HKL has higher level of tolerance towards these behaviours compared to UMMC where the staffs will always call the doctor when the patients started to be agitated and apporaching the counter).

Ok, I think I’ll continue later about the people there and their approaches to psychiatric illness.


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