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Last Tuesday, my wife, my daughter and me went to KLCC to do some window shopping of a handbag for my mother-in-law. We arrived there near to Maghrib and decided to complete the prayer first as not to miss the short duration of time. We managed to find the new surau that was moved to the concourse level from the 4th floor. I was glad to pray there with the other many more jemaahs due to the cleanliness and comforting environment of the surau. I already lost count on how many times KLCC surau was moved from one place to another in the vicinity of the Suria KLCC. But, one thing that I’m sure is that the management always makes sure that the surau is properly managed, clean and comfortable for the prayers to be done.

Another place that should be commanded for the good surau management is Sunway Pyramid. The previous and current surau was and still is comfortable to pray. The management over there also makes it a point to keep the place in good condition for the Muslims shoppers.

However, some places like hospitals and other public-packed places couldn’t maintain a respectful level of cleanliness and comfort for their surau. This is especially when the place has several surau or small prayer rooms to maintain, especially if they are located in every floor of the building. Even, some glamourous and upmarket retail shops and complexes have smelly, dirty and stinking surau with dark and gloomy interior. I also notice that some hotels, even those which claim to be 3-star and above have not been well in maintaining the surau.

For me, I still can pray if it was a mildly smelly surau, but I can’t tolerate a dirty and really stinking surau. The bad odour mostly comes from the wet carpets near the ablution area and made worst when the surau doesn’t has good ventilation system eg when the aircond seems to be functioning only on irregular basis, and the surau is located in an enclosed compartment and tucked away at a far away corner of the floor


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