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It’s a typical Malaysian thrashing

Here is one of the quote I took from Susan Loone’s  “may the truth save us all”. It’s about what we should expect when Datuk Seri Najib becomes the next prime minister in couple’s of month’s time:

Ultra-racism and feudalism”

“I will defend the supremacy of the Malays until the last drop of my blood if I win the mandate of the delegates to become the next Umno president at election to be held in March 2009. This is the solemn promise I made to my late father before he died”.


Why is those sentences being described as ultra racism and feudalism? Is it wrong to say and pledge that someone is going to defend his/her race supremacy as much as he/she can?

I think it’s his/her own responsibility to protect own’s race pride.

I don’t understand why there will always be fuzz and buzz when someone who’s a Malay brought up the idea of protecting the Malay’s supremacy. It’s always being pictured as if the Malays are going to do something bad and harmful to the other races when we bring out that kind of topics.

Protecting the Malay’s supremacy is not only about protecting the ownership of the Malays onto this land (that’s what being talked about – the Malays being the master of this land). It’s also about maintaining the survivability and increasing the competency of the Malays in facing the in-coming unpredictable future. It’s about increasing the awareness of the Malays that they shouldn’t be relaxing on their laurels when the whole world (not only about the other races in Malaysia) moving forward.

Some people always try to use these kind of objectives/aims to plant fearfull feelings in others proud citizens of this beloved land. Accusations start to being thrown that the Malays will try to protect their mastership of this land by hook or by crook. This again will be blown larger when these kind of statements came out from a Malay leader. For no apparent reason, the leader will be branded as being racist etc.

What do these kind of people who kept on challenging the Malays’ rights want? Is these a kind of provocation to make the Malay wake up in an unnecessary way? Majority of the Malays can and want to live side by side with the other citizen of Malaysia. We also want to have friends from the other races, but on top of that, we also want to be as successful as the other races, hence we need our leader to sound up our aims.

I really don’t know why is it so racist when a Malay want to uphold and maintain the Malay’s supremacy, but it’s still ok when the other non-Malays voiced out their discontent and unfairness?


I still believe this land is the best land to live and die for.


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