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never take a leave without cover

It is only 2 months before I leave UMMC for HKL to continue my master’s programme. I got a senior in my team who is supposed to take his final exam in November. He was thinking of finishing his leaves all in a go before his final exam, but then was told by the HOD to take it in between working days. I’ve been covering him since before Hari Raya and has been doing much of his unfinished works (just like what all the other seniors did for him previously). I has to face and manage his unsettled patients, and took care of his lecturer’s patients who was admitted.

I really thought the covering for him will be over 3 days after I came back from my Hari Raya leave. But, instead, he put up my name to cover him until the end of the week. I don’t say much because, thanked God, he didn’t leave any unsettled or partially managed patient for me. But, I don’t think putting up my name as the one who’s covering him till the end of the week is correct.


Friday, October 10, 2008 - Posted by | Jobs and Works

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