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my my arsenal!

I watched Arsenal vc Bolton late after midnight, although I need to drive 6 hours back to KL today. The feeling of deja vu suddenly hit me again after Bolton took the lead early in the first half. I was thinking maybe this was the result of ‘me’ watching Arsenal playing live!

However, after some continuos offensive manouvres, Arsenal managed to crack open Bolton’s goal after Eboue slotted a goal which I still thinking appeared offside. Fortunately, both the Soccernet and Football365 doesn’t comment at all about it today. This is quite surprising because Football365 will be one of the earliest to bang out everything wrong that Arsenal did. Bendtner made it 2 goals after connecting a cross seconds after that, and Denilson wrapped up the day with another tap from a cross in the second half.

Well, at least Arsenal won against our boogie team. I hope the relentless attacking ideas and the high work-rate will be with the team throughout the season. It seemed the team played better after the Bolton’s goal, but it was the same as the previous Arsenal squads: they only tried to play better footbal either after a goal down or after being left with 10 men on the field. Arsenal provided good attacking football yesterday, and that is what the fans want to see, and we also want the team to score and win games with that kind of football- not only just another good display without any benefial end products!


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