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My physiology presentation

We started our postgraduate physiology class on the 8/9/08. I was one of those supposedly to give a presentation in the first session. But mine was inadvertently postponed because my stupid Kingston thumbdrive made a surprise corruption. So, that meant I had to do it last Monday, and with significant additional information to satisfy Prof Ruby’s requirements. Thanked god the presentation on the 15/9/08 went on without much glitch, although I still had some comments, and honestly I think that the presentation was too much. But, at least I managed to remember and understand another topic, which is surely gonna be forgotten by me if I just read it all only.


All the others are also panicking to complete their presentations. I don’t know why everybody is anxious to complete it. Maybe because the level of expectation Prof Ruby put on us, and maybe also we just want to make ourself understand, and helps others understand the topics too. I too was anxious before the presentation (I’m always anxious regarding every presentations, especially if I don’t really know what I’m talking about) but things took a better shape after reading the relevant chapter in Ganong for few times. Yeah, the holy book for physiology here is Ganong (Review of Medical Physiology). I know Julie has it, but I couldn’t find it at home, so I need to buy a new one. Truthfully, I never ever properly read any physiology text book during my undergrad time. I just managed things thru the lecture notes which the class photostated- and I passed with that, but I never really understand what was being taught. That is what I regret now.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008 - Posted by | Educations

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