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I hate A&E duty!

I finished my A&E duty for this month yesterday. Although it was only once a month duty, I really feel happy to get over it. I never like to be doing the A&E duty. I rather be doing more ECT duty than to be stucked for 8 hours in a consultation cube at the green zone listening mainly to complaints about URTI and getting full medical examination etc etc.

I’m not a locum-oriented doctor. So, having me sit there just like those doing locums at private clinics really stressed me up. Then the downside is that you don’t get immediate payment after doing the A&E duty! You are being considered to be doing your daily job; except that you are doing it at the casualty level rather than your own ward and specialist clinic!

I don’t know why and whose idea was it to put those in the so-called 2nd line team into the green zone duty at the A&E. Why must we be doing those kind of jobs? We are not the one whose being trained as first liners to see acute emergency cases. What if there are really acute emergencies in the green zone; patients who suddenly fall uncomsciously there etc? How are we supposed to react?

I’m really not comfortable in the A&E green zone. To be honest, I rather being put into the resuscitation zone at the A&E to full fill my 8 hours requirement. I feel I might be more usefull in helping to resuscitate those dying; helping to insert IV lines in a stressfull situation, inserting chest tubes or CVPs – that are what emergencies are all about. Not sitting in the consultation cube listening to lame complaints about minor illness that shouldn’t have come to the A&E at all.

However, to all A&E doctors – keep up the good works. I salute your commitments!


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