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is something wrong with the kite?

I’ve been a frequent local flier with our premium airline since the birth of my daughter. I frequented the Pen-KL and vice versa for most of the times; having to commute between Sg Petani and Bukit Jalil to visit my wife and the daughter. Now, I need to commute again between those places to visit my wife who’s still stuck in the hell hole of Sg Petani.

I was initially satisfy with the sevice of the airline.

But, of lately, I think that the airlines is also having much the less similiar problems acquainted with its low fares competitor: flight cancellations and delays. I’d 2 delays in my last 2 trips. One was when my KL-Pen flight was postponed from 2020 hour to 2210 hour without me being informed. I only knew about the postponent when I accidentally checked on the departures screen (I checked in using their self-check in kiosk) and later told wwas that I would had been put into the 2100 hour flight if I’d check-in earlier. Then, there was my recent flight. I was supposed to get into the 2110 flight to the same destination, but it was pushed to 2140 hour, and I noticed that the 2020 and 2210 hour had been cancelled. So much for a premium airlines!

I’m a little concern about this kind of deterioration. I’m a strong supporter of any of the national brands, especially the premium and established ones. If this kind of problem continues, more people will opt to take the low fare airlines (it’s cheaper but with the same problem). The main point of the low fares’ are that the fares are so much cheaper thus passengers will not mind being in the crowded and messed-up LCCT. Premium brands should strive to keep their premium status. One of the way, is through a systematic and well organized maintenance of their services.


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