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1st National Mood and Sleep Disorders Conference

I just finished attending the above conference. I actually missed the last 2 symposiums due to family commitment.

Generally I felt that it was a good conference. The topics were norrowed down to mood and sleeping problems, and the speakers and delegates were able to interact better due to smaller number of participations. Interactions were also not limited during the talks, but opened during the long 30 minutes tea breaks.

I would like to differ from those who said that the topics were in some way or another just a repeat of the same contents. Yes, generally they were all quite the same, but the precious things were that you could then compare the opinions of the speakers regarding the topic. The good things (in relation to myself) were that repetitions reinforced my understanding of the topics being discussed/presented.

Bipolar mood disorder (BMD), in a nut shell, is a monstrous and destructive disorder. The opinion saying that BMD is a good disorder should be shelved down because poor or partially controlled condition can impair the quality of life to a significant level. As it’s a bipolar disorder, the likelyhood of switching from depressive state to manic state and vice versa is another aspect that need more attention. Thus, early recognition of relapse is an utmost important.

Sleep disorders were not so much being talked about. There were not many who went in depth explaining each of the sleep disorders known. The beneficial topics being discussed were about the impairments that sleep disorders cause to the life. I do like the explanations about the sleep hygiene, which can be practically used in the day-to-day clinical practice. There was also usefull explanation about the sleep study and simle explanation about changes of the brain wave during abnormal sleep study.

Kudos to my lecturers and the Department of Psychological Medicine, UMMC who organized the confernce.


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