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I just hate sick lawyers!

There’s always something big about sick professionals. In my case, it’s a mentally disturbed lawyer.

He was admitted to the ward during the weekend with manic symptoms and sudden suicidal ideation, and was put under my care since Monday. He had already causing some displeasured among the staffs (or maybe the other patients also) when he started became lovey-doey with his girlfriend who was with him all along the weekend. Another problem was his reluctancce to take the prescribed oral medications- his reason being that he’s not sure what they were for and wanted to wait for the consultant to brief him on Monday.


I managed to get history from him, and completed the first interview session with the cognitive evaluation on Monday morning. He looked cheerfull and was forthcoming during the interview, and even took the medications after being explained by me regarding their purposes.

I stepped on the wrong foot that afternoon, when I inocently walked to him to ask whether his colleague was coming. He started scolding me about the number of doctors who came to see him, with everyone telling him confusing plan of managements, especially about the duration of his stay. He was also upset that the consultant that he hope so much to look after him only came to chat with him for 5 minutes and told him that the trainees will be directly be in-charge of the care. Things were getting out of hand when he started demanding to be discharged (even against medical advice) and wanted to be cared by his personal GP doctor, who he claimed has psychiatric training (I even spoke to that doctor who claimed that he was a psychiatric MO sometime ago). He was arrogantly said that he lost confidence in my way of treating him. He was asking that a consent paper regarding his agreement for admission be shown to him, or else he would walked out of the door without anybody stopping him because it was his rights. He was saying how everything in medical need consent and he knew that because he handled some medical negligence cases. It was difficult to explain that only invasive procedures need consent. Sometime I felf as I was talking to a stone or a wall and it was ‘ibarat mencurah air ke daun keladi”. The ever present girlfriend also added some salt to the ‘cooking’ saying that doctors should be taking care of him all along the time, being around him most of the time because he was not yet put on a formal diagnosis etc etc. As if we don’t have other duties to do for the day!


The parents also (the mother especially) were saying that their son should not be kept in ‘this’ kind of place because he was already toned down and more lucid about his surroundings, and was talking something logical. But at least thay backed off after seeing their son banging into the room and behaving irrationally and demanding excessively regarding his plan of managements.


I really thanked God, that the problems were fully settled today. He was calmer and able to except our explaination today (that was after IM Clopixol Acuphase 100 mg yesterday + oral antipsychotic + mood stabilizer + benzodiazepine). I just told myself not to take heart of what being told to me during the long 2 hours yesterday, and to take them in my stride. At the end of the day, he was in a high mood yesterday, and was quite paranoid, and these were characteristics of the disease.


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