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I had a good laugh last sunday when I read in a mainstream newspaper that Anwar Ibrahim was accused of sodomising another man in his life again. It was nearly 10 years ago when the first accusation cropped up.

I was a matriculation student at that time, fresh out of the same alma matter Anwar walked around, and still fulled of the ‘speret koleq’!!! I really thought that those accusations of sodomy, corruption and abuse of power was created to stop a promising old boy from holding the top job in the government. But, as a good university student would be (I was not yet in the actual institution at that time), I declined to prominently show which side I supported, just hoping that Anwar would be the on right side.

Blah blah blah ……. then he was convicted of the corruption, jailed ….. the sodomy charge was thrown out of court due to inconsistencies of the prosecution although ‘there are signs of his sodomy activities’. So, is he a gay? or heterosexual? I prayed for him to be well ‘oriented’.


But, now, another guy (whom I think jambu gak la) accused him of another sodomy charge. Wallawey! Is Anwar having a second/or third/or forth etc bite/s in his life? Maybe he ‘tangkap shiok’ tengok a lot of jambus around lending their assistance during the election? Huh, I don’t know.

And he’s now counter attacking by saying that he’s being framed by top goverment officers!

Hah, come on la! Other people has another worthwhile job to do than to frame him about the sodomy thingy. I can’t see why somebody still want to bring him down. Ok la, brother want to ‘topple’ the government – but using sodomy to block the attempt is such a stupid if not dirty political moves.

Get a life la bro!

Is he having persecutory delusion? It seems to me like a fixed, false belief that somebody powerful wants to harm him.

Is the family, acquaintances etc having folie-a-due?

Antipsychotic, anyone? Maybe not yet full-filling the DSM-IV criteria

Well, these a just my opinions.

Towards a scandal, lie-free land of Malaysia


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