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scholarship problems

I stumbled a story in the newspaper a couple days ago about an Indian girl who scored 101A1in the SPM but was denied a scholarship to study medicine oversea by the Public Service Department (PSD). I congratulate her on her achievements, as during my time, getting 10A1 was the best somebody could do. It will mean that you are the best student of the school (or maybe the state) if you managed to score that kind of result.

However, there seems to be a lot of students currently who manage to score 101A and above on a regular pattern, and achieving these results are considered normal rather that miracle. Back in those days, those with 6As and above were already being guarenteed scolarships – either local or overseas studies. But, due to the increasing number of top achievers, places for scholarships are getting limited.

One thing I can’t understand is that, why are these so called brilliant students always want overseas scholarships? The most common complaints were those who failed to get scholarship to do medicine overseas. However, there were also who still complaint about getting places in Egypt, Indonesian universities to do medicine when they asked for those universities in Australia, UKs etc…..

As a local JPA scholar, I’m proud to tell that the local medical grads are also at the same par, if not better than those JPA scholars who came back from the so-called reputable medical institutions overseas. I’m proud and thankfull to the goverment for giving me an opportunity to hold a scholarship. I know that my family wouldn’t be able to support my tertiary education if there was no schlorship from the government. We might be able to pay the subsidised fees, but I may have great difficulties in accommodation, foods and books. The local scholarship financial support is not that much, but it is still enough to keep me breathing till the last day of my study.

Those ‘brilliant’ students always mentioned that they were dumbfounded when they realized they failed to get the scholarship because they already set their minds to be a doctor to help people bla bla bla, and now they don’t know what else to do. I would say that it was all b**l sh*t!!!

If they really want to be doctors, they would not be choosy in what and where they got the scholarships. It maybe just in our local public universities, or some universities in the not-so-popular countries, or if they were lucky, they might be doing it at reputable institutions in the western countries. But, where ever they study, what important is that they finish up the studies, and return to serve the people.

They also must try to understand that the scolarships can’t be given to every abu and minah who scored 91A and above. The scolarships are limited, esecially those to overseas. There are criteria to be fullfilled. JPA wouln’t be able to explain to every dick and jane who failed to get it because it was not cost effective, and the scolarships are not infinite; something like “try again next time because we still have lot more places!” It is also not wise to say why their friends who scored lower than them managed to get it, because it as if ‘merendah-rendahkan pencapaian dan kebolehan orang lain”. Maybe they have something extra to give (other than great academic resume) to the nation.


I would advice those who prefer the JPA scholarship to accept it either overseas offer or local universities. For those doctors wannabe, my advice is, the most important thing is how much you learn to be a doctor, that includes self esteem and confidence, and attitudes, not much where you learn your clinical skills.  



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