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I was driving back home after sending my wife to the Penang International Airport 2 days ago when I noticed an on rushing ambulance coming fast from the back. I just passed the Sg Dua toll booth and was driving on the right lane at around 115 km/h. I was contemplating to increase my speed as to get fast home because it was already passed 9 pm.

The ambulance only flashed its lights without any sirens. I let it overtook me. Any Dick and Joe would know that you must let those emergency response teams to overtake you while you are driving. The ambulance might not be in a real rush or any pertinent emergency as it didn’t put its sirens switched on, but it might be on the way to its original hospital to prepare for another call. I trailed the ambulance for a few minutes (just as if I was the accompanying doctor who missed the ambulance). I was cruising at 117 km/h when I started noticing a fast-coming car from my rear view mirror. The car started flashing me its high beam as though its going to pass me in a swift. So, I obeyed the request to give way: to my surprise, it was only a Satria GTi (I think it was really a true Gti, not those GTi wannabees!) !!. But, the driver really putting in a lot of speed – maybe he/she was really chasing something. By that time, the GTi was already tailgaiting the ambulance, and the ambulance was not going to give way the right lane so that the car could overtake it.

To my surprise, the GTi started flashing the ambulance, asking the ambulance to give way to him/her!!!

I was really shocked to see this kind of behaviour and attitude to a transport that we should give due respect because of the responsibility it carries! How can a normal car asked an ambulance with lights flashing to give way? Didn’t the driver ever think that he/she was supposed to let the ambulance go, and if not, just overtake the ambulance from the left lane (although it was illegal to overtake from the left). It was not wrong when people (mostly foreigner) say that Malaysian drivers are a dick ass on the road. Where’s our caring attitude about what the ambulance was carrying in its cabin?


Please, show some respect to these kind of transportations (ambulance, fire engine, police cars etc) who was going to do something good for our community. You were not the only one who was chasing time, Satria GTi (BTW, the car is a member of www.satriagti.com.my) but I couldn’t notice its plate number – sorry!


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