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It’s another horror movie: “Congkak”

The film was certainly shot in Perlis. The first scene of the family driving to their holiday ‘house’ was the scene of the road beside the Timah Tasoh Dam (ohh, how proud I was!!). And at the end of the movie, they bypassed road signs showing Kaki Bukit and Padang Besar. Hehehehe.

  The film was about a family of 4 who, with the devil’s intervention, mistakenly made their way to a haunted house for their breakaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. I think if they were on the right track, they would have made it to their real holiday house instead of the haunted one (but that certainly will not make the movie). Kazman, the father really thought that it was the house he bought from a man about 1 year ago. Strangely, they never had any chance of visiting the house before or after they bought it. Maybe, they didn’t have the time coz you know how ‘busy’ city people are…. But if you think about it properly, why would a person buy a property at a place at the end of the world without ever try to have a look at it first. Strange isn’t it? Strange things happened even before they reach the house – Su, the mother was being disturbed by frightening dreams. As you would expect, those strange things multiplied as they prolonged their stay there until it reached its peak on their third night of the ‘holiday’. Ok, enough of the synopsis there.


  I think Ahmad Idham nearly managed to score another point in the making of horror movies in Malaysia. First of all, the casts are already good and manage to express their characters very well in most of the scenes, at least. These included the 2 girls who played the 2 daughters, and even the ghost herself. Secondly, the ghost in Congkak was better in term of its appearance – more frightening than the one in Jangan Pandang Belakang. It movements were also more natural unlike the motor-like movements of its predecessor. The film was filled with well-timed frightening sound effects, although I noticed the thunder-like sound was too frequent, as if it was going to rain, when there was no rain. The lighting was acceptable and night and dark scenes were ably seen by the viewers. Honestly, it was a horror movie that really frightens you! Kudos to Ahmad Idham!


  However, I still want to question its plots.

  Ok, they never been to the haunted house since the father bought it. But, why he didn’t call the seller when he was unable to locate the house. Yes, there was no phone signal when they got lost the first time, but he still can reconfirm the direction after he met the ‘lady’ (a ghost actually?) in the village who gave the wrong direction to them. Why didn’t he confront the seller (again by calling him) when he can even spent time drinking coffee with the villagers? Is their village too deep in the forest not to have any fixed line? I never notice the father’s phone was lost (as being written by a reviewer) and he actually was receiving a call from his phone at the end of the movie.

  How did the ‘congkak’ made way to earth from the sky kingdom. It was never explained. Did anyone (the lady who peeped the royalties playing congkak?) stole it? Why there was no ‘penunggu’ when the congkak was brought to earth? Why was the ‘congkak’ too special? If the site of the house was so special, what significant events that happened there long long time ago?

  I don’t understand why a responsible father did not move his family out when strange things start happening, especially after his daugter was possessed. I think the father should have mixed and talked to the villagers about the house and what was the family doing there when they went out for a walk in the village on their first day there instead of spending the whole day searching for ‘buah getah’ – people are playing ‘congkak’ with marbles nowadays, instead.


  I may have missed the crucial elements that might have made the plot clearer to me, but I think the storytelling can be further improved next time. Thank you, for a good horror movie. Now, at least I can forget how Noor Kumalasari acted in the 1980s horror movie ….. what was the title? I just wish that we will be still be playing the traditional congkak game even after finishing the movie. I have never heard that congkak is a game from some kingdom in the sky thing that was accidentally transferred to earth.



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