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I am tired.

I’ve been working and traveling almost non-stop since the early of March. That also includes the time I commuted from Sg Petani and Kangar, and the period I spent taking care of our baby (wife going for her Induksi and BTN in short period of time in between). But the most tiring were our clinic days. Since the implementation of LIVE eHIS, the consultation time in the clinic has been a burden on me. We took a little bit longer to key in the information. I’m also not willing to let my patient see me just for seconds only. Pity those who came a long way, paid sums of money, took a long time for registration and then waited to see the doctor, but then when the time came, the patients only saw the doctor for a minute or less. If it was me,I couldn’t tell my respective patient if I’m just going to see him/her for a minute! What will be the feeling of the patients when they were told straight away to collect the medication after just warming up their seats in the consultation rooms?

That is why I took a few minutes to talk and explain to my patients. Follow up sessions are the time (although not so much time available) to psychoeducate and remind the patients and their families about their illness and the current managements. Doctors can always take the little time they have to check on compliance, social support, apart from checking on psychotic symptoms. But, that amount of time spent can cause backlogs of waiting patients, and the numbers allocated to each doctor will increase if less doctors are around. That is why I was trained not to take leave on clinic days (thanks to surgical, err .. especially mr rashide, yakhh!). I really want to take leave on Sundays and Mondays especially if I’m already having weekend free of oncalls. But, that will causes my colleagues that are around on that day to be swamped with patients! And now the MAs cannot help us to see patients after the launch of eHIS because of their limited access capability.

I don’t know how my friend can take leave on clinic days. He has conscience and insight about the workload, and how slow consulting times increase with eHIS, but still insisted on taking leave on that days because he’s not oncall and wants to finish his leaves before quitting the goverment post. I too can do the same thing. Just take my leaves because I’m gonna go for my master’s programme (insyaallah) because I might not have the chance to take long leaves when I start my study.

I know that this world can be a better place to stay if we are more considerate. On my part, things can be kept cooled if I just shut up and continue to do my routines. But, what about fairness? What about my or our chances to take our holidays? Do we have to bear, and suffer our mental and psychological exhaustion because of someone’s else? Do the person we sacrificed for, acknowledges our contribution? What do we get from it? : – body aches, psychological exhaustion …………………. ? Please, be rational to other people.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008 - Posted by | Jobs and Works, Live n let die!

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