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sufiah: the video

I just watched the News of the World’s video just now about Sufiah confessing her involvement in prostitution. It was also shown with Sufiah being in several erotic and seductive positions, and wearing only bras, panties, G-strings etc. One or two pictures have Sufiah holding a whip, maybe with S&M in mind.

Sufiah was only wearing a nightie? or bathrobe during the interview. She looked candid and cheerful while explaining about her venture into the trade. She mentioned that her participation was by incident, as she was offerred to joint an ‘agency’ by an elderly lady she met while at a pub.

How can people said that she was tricked by financial reward to give the interview when her expressions clearly show how sincere she was? Her confessions were done in a voluntary manner and she looked happy to join the body trade. I don’t know about any Sufiah’s double, or any video editing, but she appears to be the Sufiah we all had known. I’ve heard recently that an Ustaz with his 2 assistants are coming to UK on the invitation of UK’s Malay Association to perform some treatments/therapies to Sufiah – to get her to stop her participation in the trade. However, their journey was postponed for a while because of insufficient funds to cover their expenses. Why is this insufficiency occurs? Where are those who speaks aloud to help Sufiah? BTW, her assests are quite good …… hehehe. Don’t blame me, I’m being just another normal man next door.


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