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  We always receive referrals during oncalls, especially from district hospitals. The referrals were mostly about admissions, and sometimes were just for consultation purposes. We are not supposed to be angry, more so scolded the persons who refer the case, because they too are busy during their oncalls. Referrals are akin to telling the host that you are coming to their house, or sending somebody to them, so that the hosts will not be surprised when somebody unknown to them suddenly appear on their doorstep, or worst in their house.

  That is why I usually remind the district MOs to give me a call first before sending the patients over for admission. Somethings can be solved just by phone consultation and don’t need admissions, whereas somethings need to be informed first, so that I can prepare my staffs for the arrival of the patients, and got hold of the accompanying PAP. I’m not a person who reject admission just like that, but I really need some reason about why the patient really needs admission; sometimes the patient was not at any fault, but was sent for admission because the family just didn’t like him being at home. This world is really a cruel place, isn’t it!

  However, what I got from my last 2 oncalls were utter dissappointment. 2 admissions were straight away put into my ward before being informed to me. Well, they were not informed at all – and the guilty party was the district MO. I couldn’t blame our Casualty MO because they will admit any referrals from district because most of the times, the cases were already informed to the respective MO oncalls. Both of the dissappointments were cases from Hospital Baling by the same MO: Dr Lailatul Azrah, and this is the 3rd time she bypassed me for admission. I don’t know what her problem is. I’ve already informed her last month to give us a call first when she suddenly sent an ‘unknown’ to us who was arrested by police in Pekan Baling. I didn’t scold her at all! I explained to her the importance of informing us first before sending the patient, and even asked her to spread this directive to her other colleagues. Obviously she couldn’t heed the advice, and maybe my ‘advice’ need to be upgraded to another level …..

  I can’t understand why some MOs are very lazy to inform us about psychiatric admissions. If they can inform other specialities’ MOs oncalls about their referrals, why is that different with us? Are we really second class service, that we will just swallow what others shove through our throat? Maybe the notion of psychiatry MOs being passives can be accepted in the past, but now psychiatry MOs are more ‘virulent’ and aggressives, and no more bullying around of us anymore. We also demand the same respect, and we only ask that our patients be taken seriously.

  If any referring MOs think that psychiatric patients are of lesser importance and can be pushed here and there, I would like them to properly manage the patients first before sending them to us, or even thinking about consulting us. I don’t like to scold, but don’t consider us, our staffs and even our patients as pushovers. I had scolded people when I was a surgical MO, and even being scolded by tertiary hospitals’ MOs, so I think we know the feelings of it in both situations. I just want to have a healthy relationships with district MOs, because at the end, we still need each other. To the above mentioned MO, kindly wait for my call to ‘advice’ you!!!   


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