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there will be flaws here and there

There are flaws in everything – humans, animals, machines etc, except the God almighty. The flaws might make us angry and dissatisfied, or make us determine to overcome it towards near-perfection (I don’t believe in perfection though ….)

Now, we are starting to find loopholes, flaws, user-unfriendliness, breakdowns etc in our eHIS. That are things that can’t be avoided if you embark on a new system, or even personnel.

I really hate it when the times come for me to order Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) order from the system. The system flow of the TDM is very haywired until the pharmacist refused the samples, and requested a manual, form-filled request. My first experience with TDM was a disaster because the whole IT unit that was involved with it need to be called into my room – thank you to En Adam, Cik Ira and Miss? Janice because of your help in getting my sample processed after minutes of trial-and-error. I was really amazed that by afternoon, the result was ready for me to view without asking the PPK to fetch it. However, my second experience was terrible; 2 of my specimens were straight away rejected because the pharmacist said her computer already ‘pening’ and she couldn’t process the order. But, may I ask, whether if it was the pharmacist the one who was ‘pening’ at that time?

Then we have this problem about registering referrals, in my case, the concern is more towards the referral from Casualty Dept for mental state evaluation for admission. The referring doctors sometimes really missed out the referral portion, and straight away discharged the patient that need to be seen after giving a call to the doctor who was supposed to take the referral resulting the disappearance of the patient from the system thus blocking another doctor from viewing the initial clinical notes. It’s still ok if the Casualty Dept is making mistakes now, as mistakes are made to be learned. However, I must congratulate those like Dr Soo Choo Kong – a ‘veteran’ who still take the challenge to learn the usage of a system that’s really an alien to his generation, and those youngsters like Dr Dymna and Dr Wong, to name a few, who took the task of referring the patient to be seen electronically via a virtual clinical notes. Their contributions really speed up tracing of old notes and previous manual OPD cards, and making recalling pertinent matters regarding the patient easier.


All hail the brave ones!!!

There’s nothing to be scared and paranoid of!! But there will always be rooms for imrovements!


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