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Impak Maksima: preliminary review

  I’ve been watching Impak Maksima for several episodes now. I’ve started watching it from the first episode, which I must say as not bad for a local drama. However, the progress of it doesn’t meet my expectation of the title. Slowly, but surely, it tends to direct the plot towards the love and relationship problems of its characters. It started with the love of Ayie-Eva, Johari-Nina then followed by secret admirer of Johari, but it looked to turn to worse when other characters were brought in.

  I’ve sincerely expecting a plot about technicality of cars’ modifications and upgrades with exceptional presentation of sublime drifting skills, and exposure of KL’s drifting and legal/illegal car races. It was shown in the initial stage of the show, but then sunk when the love plots began to take place. For instance, the technical aspect of cars upgrades/modifications, and even repair was only limited to some shoddy workshop scenes, and scenes of “wah, aku tak sangka enjin ko ni makin power!” etc etc. What the shit was that? They don’t even show the car’s bloody engine! The drifting/racing parts were confined to the same race tracks with a few limited ‘drifting’ manouvres and a banned illegal street race between Johari and Zul. This series is supposed to be about performance cars, but you can count how many cars are shown, and how many of them are really representation of good performance cars. I can say that 2 Beemers and 1 Mini Cooper was only shown and they were not impressive at all 

  As far as I’m concern, the drama revolves around hospital scene, college life, some kampung scene, and quarells near the workshop where Johari runs his business. Now, it’s going to another bad footing with Johari revealing his life’s past darkside of his relationship to Zul’s sister. Not to mention of the problems surrounding Amran’s inconsistent and disgraced behaviour – stealing bikes, having sex with bohsia, and also the roles of Kudin as the ‘evil’ in Amran’s life. Just don’t make me say about the troubles of Eva and Loyai ….. I’m really perplexed!!!

  On the bright side, most of the current local Malay dramas, including Impak Maksima, do promote nice, young, sexy girls as their selling points. It really nice watching these young chicks wagging their assets, with their immaculate soft skin being exposed by relatively inadequate clothing cover.

  I’m sure I’m gonna go on watching this series until the end because I want to finish what I has started, I already know the plots (however stupid they are), and I’m still hoping for a really good car’s related show. I wish I can watch Evolusi: KL Drift to quench my thirt for speed on screen. BTW, the 4th season of Initial D cartoon on tv3 had already finished 2 weeks ago. I’m hoping for another Initial D movie. It was really worthwhile watching it!


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