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The problems with eHIS

We are still in the 3rd stage of the Hospital Informatiom System. As I mentioned in the earlier post, there were all sort of craps going on in the initial implementation of the Go Live! stage. I heard that most of the problems occured with the front line team, especially the Emergency Dept, and the specialist clinic.

I think the problems can be divided into several sources;

doctors – because majority of them were so ignorant and determined not to follow the system, thus abandoning the preparatory programmes

paramedics & other support staffs – these are also those who were too busy to equip themselves before the programme take off

patients – Malaysians are well known to lose their temper at the slightest inconveniences, whenever their demands can’t be met immediately etc etc. This more correct when we observe the ‘unique’ patient’s pool of Sg petani

eHIS – this is the first time a hospital with an already present pool of patients being equipped and told to embark on the eHIS. As I was being told, this is the first in the world. Whoah! Cayalah Sg Petani!


  I has mentioned 3 human-related factors against a single machine-related factor. Is it clear where we can start to improve the programme? Ok Ok …. for those so dumb to evaluate the logic, here’s the answer:

We should start by improving the human-related factors. Not many will agree, because some will say it’s easier to change the programme, rather than corecting human’s perceptions. But, it will take quite a lot of money, time and working hours to correct something that’s already being implemented and accepted at the previous hospitals.

It’s the human touch that need to be improved. Things like whipping the hard ass of the IT illeterate doctors about the advantages of the system, teaching them to be more tech and IT-savy, giving confidence to them to explore the system, and not afraid of making mistakes etc.

What’s so hard of making a mistake, just press on Ctrl-Alt-Delete, then log off the system. Any takers? You can try it now!


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