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stupid, stupid Arsenal!

I just don’t know how to describe it…

Truthfully, Liverpool does deserved to win. But, it was not because Liverpool was good, it was because Arsenal was stupid, plane stupid! Let me tell you why:

Firstly, in the first leg of the Q-finals:

– was played at the Emirates, yet still the Gunners couldn’t use the strong home support to nail down the off-formed Reds

– had a lead by that Adebayor goal, but yet the Gunners couldn’t add one or two more to consolidate the lead

– worse still, they let the Reds to equalize from Kuyt

– and worst still some more, Bentdner, who was supposed to be an Arsenal striker, turned out to be Liverpool’s emergency goal line defender when he blocked Fabregas goal-bound shot

– and these let the score line at 1-1, thus putting the Reds in the driving seat for the 2nd leg

– but Wenger still considered it as a meaningful and spirited performance by the Gunners

Now, the 2nd leg of the Q-finals:

– Gunners managed to get another lead from Diabby’s shot (truthfully, Reina should had managed to stopped it, but God might just wanted to give some hopes for the Gunners)

– but then again, Arsenal was in a charitable mood and gave the first goal for Liverpool that night

– as if Arsenal gonna wrapped up the night in style, the Gunners defenders honoured Fernando ‘el Nino’ Torres time and space to put Liverpool en route to the next stage when he blasted the 2nd goal

– luckily, Theo ‘the unpolished gem’ Walcott burst from his own half passed 3 or 4 sleeping Reds to cross the ball for Adebayor to score the all-important away goal that certainly will take the Gunners to the next stage

– then, ALL of the Gunners became narcoleptics, letting Ryan Babbell to whiz by Eboue and Toure felt the Gunners were not charitable enough yet, and decided to make a ‘slight’ contact in the penalty box, sending Babell to the ground – penalty given – Gerrard took it – Liverpool 3 Arsenal 2

– late late surges into Liverpool box exposed the back …. one long kick got to Babbell and he slotted the final stab into Gunners goal …………………………………. !

The penalty should not been given, but yet Arsenal is a ‘specialist’ in giving out penalties. Remember Clichy, recently in the Premier League? Why must Arsenal commit Harakiri that night still irritates me. We should have been in the Semi-Finals, but yet the Gunners lost concentration at that vital moment – let Liverpool make a come back after Adebayor’s goal.

So, who’s gonna take the responsibility now? Should these young ‘superstars’ been blamed? Arsenal just broke thousands of hearts yesterday. Another empty handed season? If it is, don’t blame others, blame ourselves. Another empty European promise? The chance was there (including the finals against Barcelona) but never really taken

Yet, I believe I’m still a Gooner.


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  1. cakap pandai… asyik pakai jersey saja..

    Comment by pizzaboy | Tuesday, April 15, 2008 | Reply

  2. Wear the jersey, show your orientation. Don’t be a poser.
    R u a poser, pizaboy?

    The post are my opinion of Arsenal abrupt downturn. People are free to say the darnest things about things they feel passionate about.

    Maybe, Arsene knows, but the fans don’t know the reason about 3 trophyless season. Enlighten us oo Mighty!

    Comment by drloysz | Wednesday, April 16, 2008 | Reply

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