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Greetings to the world of information Technology in Health Delivery System!

We started our 3rd stage og Hospital Information System on the 28/3/08 which covers nearly all of Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital’s clinical and supportive functions. Our psychiatry department was also not spared from the ‘waves of evolution’ and these mean our in and outpatient resposibilities, plus our coverage in the emergency department.

It is quite easy for those tech-savvy, like me, but many staffs complaint that the system slows their works and makes their tasks harder to be completed. The psychiatry department is lucky because we are only involve in the consultation process and pharmacy orders, with minimal ordering of blood specimens and radiological investigations. Many of my colleagues in the other departments complaint that this current system is useless and burdening to the care of patients.

From my humble opinion, we must don’t just blame a relatively new system entirely at the beginning stage. Let us evaluate it and be familiar with all of its functions and running process before making judgements. Most of the doctors (maybe nearly half) do not even attend the familiarization courses for the HIS system that was being done since middle of last year, and  now complaining these and that about the system’s teething problems. If only they just spend some time of their time going to the courses ……………..

instead of blaming the system! Why don’t we work with and around the system?


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  1. I need your kind help regarding the EHIS. I am doing research in the same area about Mobile hospital information system. Can i have you email. I have some survey to do.

    Comment by Hasnain | Monday, April 7, 2008 | Reply

  2. Is it IBA Health HIS implemented Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital?

    Comment by Joy | Thursday, January 29, 2009 | Reply

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