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Character of a Godfather

“If a man tells you that he becomes rich by working hard, ask him: “Whose?”

Don Marquis

  I just finished another chapter of Asian Godfathers. It was quite a complicated one, because of the explanation about the corporate structures, banking systems and all those business mumbo jumbos.

  But what I really can understand is that the Asian tycoons (especially the Chinese ones) succeed on other people sweats and tears. They don’t run their business on a day-to-day basis, but employ armies of corporate professional players from Europe and North America to be their work machines. These people, who are called gweillos, run the company for those tycoons and hold the important figures and become some sort of trusted right-hand man for the godfathers. The reality is that Asian tycoons bluff us most of the times when they say they work a back-breaking 16 to 18 hours a day, when in fact their ‘jobs’ are relatively about socially-related activities such as building and maintaning guanxi (networks), decision making and polical manipulation, which are done at the golf courses, spas (during massaging), business lunches, dinners and after-dinner activities. Their true jobs are done by those well-paid gweillos.


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