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Masakan kampung di Perlis

Here’s one place I recommend to those seeking good lunchtime meals with preferences to the original ‘kampung’ cooking in Perlis:

Warung Pokok Sawa

Jln Mata Ayer, Perlis

It is located just after the small town of Mata Ayer if you’re coming from Kangar. You can’t miss those cars parked beside the road near the stall. Don’t worry, ample parking spaces are also provided for those who want their Mercs, BMWs or any other luxuries to be safe from any ‘threat’.

BTW, the ‘warung’ is actually a well and properly built eatery with good and commandable level of hygiene, and adequate ventilation and washing basin facilities. However, I’m not sure whether any toilet is provided or not.

You can have the authentic kampung-style dishes, which unfortunately must be choosen and taken by yourself ie self service.

The price depends on what and how much is taken.

Here was what my family took today:

Plain rice

Fried and grilled cat fish

Sayur keladi

Manggo salad


Air cincau bandung

Happy dining!!!


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