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this is not what we hope for “kumpulan sokongan keluarga”

      I took yesterday’s session of our inaugural Kumpulan Sokongan Keluarga class. It was the 4th class and it was about problem solving regarding psychiatric patients and myths about psychiatric patients.

      The main problem was regarding the attendance of the participants. Yesterday, only 10 non-staffs who attended it, and from the 10, it was from 3 to 4 families only. The 3rd class, which was also given by me, saw attendance of less than 15. The only people who made up the numbers were those nursing students, and our own psychiatric staffs.

       This is not good to the programme, and certainly we will be having difficulty in achieving the target to encourage more public participation in the overall treatments of psychiatric disorders. The first, and to a lesser extent, second session showed quite a number of participants, until we need to put up additional chairs. Then the number started to drop. Some said it was because of the recently concluded election, and now because of the school holidays.

       It is so difficult to get co-operation from the public in this kind of no-reward-guaranteed event. The Malaysian public, regarding of any race, is very reluctant to come for informative talks, and events that will not give them direct benefits. Though unless, the participants are provided with free transport and also monetary rewards for attending these kind of event. Malaysians prefer their wellbeing taken care of once they leave the comfort of their home, and any matter that need sacrifices will likely be taken with only if it really affects their ‘comfortable’ life.


      As a goverment agency, we are trying to educate the public regarding better participation in term of social wellbeing of our patients. We try to give spaces for the caretakers to share their problems and successes in caring the mentally-ill, so that a person’s success could be taken as achance for the other person to try. We want the caregivers to know that we are not lying when we say that they are not alone in handling the mentally-ills, and there are those who have the same problems with them. Then, we want to use those who we had educate and train as mediums to access the local community to spread the right way of care for these unfortunate souls.


      I hope that the next classess will be filled-up again. There’s no point talking to the medical staffs alone, because our main aim is the public …… and it will be them who shall gain the utmost benefits of attending our little activity.






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