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My way… or your way

    There was some uproar the day before yesterday calling for the resignation of current Prime Minister Datuk seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. The loudest came from the previous PM.

    It was mentioned that Tun Dr. Mahathir wanted Paklah to step down as a symbol of responsibility for the big defeat BN suffered in the 12th General Election. He mentioned that Pak Lah should be responsible because Pak Lah claimed he was the sole factor that led to the landslide 2/3 majority win in the 2004 election.

    I really think that Tun has been a real pain in the ass since he resigned from the PM post. He started complaining about the current administration since he stepped down, initially about the continuation of his own 2020 vision. He was afraid that Pak Lah in some way or the other might wash the vision down the drain and replace it with a new ‘mega project’. He complained about the poor discrepansies of the current administration and how Pak Lah was wrong in making important decisions here and there.

    Tun should just shut-up and enjoy his retirement. He had already put down his ideas and decisions when he was the supremo of Malaysia, and now let a new brain lead Malaysia. Tun already had his ups and downs, he also made mistakes, he also shut down those opposing him, and none the less, he had also given priorities to those close to him. S, it’s unfair for him to cricisize the current head honchos of the so-called ‘mismanagements’ just because they don’t run the country your way. Everybody is prone to mistakes, including yourself Tun, but that’s the way people rise up, and we should not criticize if others won’t follow our way.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008 - Posted by | Live n let die!

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