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2008 Malaysia General Election-“a surprise no doubt”

      This year’s general election is the 12th in Malaysia’s proud history of democracy.

      This year’s election is the first election that I voted my choice/s of representatitives.

….. and this year’s election causes the most surprises!!!!

    Today is the first post election day. Yesterday saw several historical landmarks in the history of Malaysia, things that will be talked and discussed for a long time to come. Yes, my brothers and sisters… this 12th edition of the General Election saw the Barisan Nasional (BN) managing to set the federal goverments by a simple majority only unlike the landslide 2/3 victory it won in the 2004 election. Such a massive blow to the current Prime Minister as he has also need to watch his so-called ‘big wigs’ fall one by one, some falling to young political newcomers.

      Things were made worse as the BN loss 4 other states to the opposition and still maintains it losing streak in capturing the I-don’t-know-why-it-is-so-precious Kelantan. The BN lost Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor, which causes a massive blow of ego the the once mighty ‘alliance’. Actually, what has happened?

The PM himself came down not one,, but twice to some occasions in Kedah, to woo the people of Kedah just before the run-up to the election. But as we may say now, things were not going to be easy;- (“are Kedahans smarter in making choices now instead just making complaints about their healthcare providers?”)…. the state of Kedah, the provider of Malaysia’s bulk of rice supply, fall to the opposition which is led by PAS, while the small state further up the north, still holding to the BN fight. Yes my brothers and sisters, my beloved Perlis is still holding on to BN when nothing has been hoped from it due to the so-called squabbled in the state UMNO set-up.

Next, we ask what’s the problem with Penang? Is Gerakan already passed it used-by-date? Yes, yup, perhaps, maybe. Maybe Penangites are fed-up with Gerakan and want a new direction (as the majority are also Chinese… choosing DAP is not such a dificult choice). But about Melayu Pulau Pinang? Are they also fed-up of the BN goverment? Complaints of being left out from the developments were creeping up prior to the election. Now let see if their choices were right. Can Melayu Pulau Pinang change the course of their future when they are under DAP? Or they will be swept out further from the modernization of Penang? Are they going to be pushed in further into the backwaters of Balik Pulau?

Now let ask why Perak fall? My beloved adopted state is now under DAP-PAS-PKR power. What the hell wrong with you Perak people? What else do you want? I love perak too much to let the traces and remembrances of colonialism goes into the bin just because some new hands going to hold the state. Maybe my Yut Loy paus are going to be history? Whatever it will be… let Malay College stay the same. No political party shall touch the sacred land of Malay College ‘selagi ada matahari, bulan dan bintang mengelilingi…’

The best question is about Selangor? How can this so-called developed state fall to PKR? The once bastion and unpregnable wall of BN has fallen. The unthinkable has happened …. what else going to occur (Luckily Putrajaya still in BN’s hands). What else Selangor people want? I think the previous BN’s MBs already provided them with a lot of developments. Maybe they want free toll and utilities now, that’s why they vote the opposition. I can’t deny the elements of kickbacks and corruptions, but I just want to know why they rejected ‘tangan yang sudah memberi’? I hope they rejected it on a strong reason.

    There is still a long way to the 13th election. In few days time, the opposition will be busy negotiating among them about their new MBs and CMs of the states they won. If they want to stay there, choose a credible and practical head of states, show differences in managements and not just starting to fill up their own pockets.

Cemerlang  Gemilang Terbilang

A New Dawn For Malaysia …….?


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