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Landmark night for Gunners

Here goes the 25 m

<Ahsanaal> 5/3/08 5:37 am: Fabregas scored superb goal 84th minute 25 m shot…arsenal deserve 2 win..adebayor just tapped in another goal in injury time.2-0.rugi hang tk tgk-game best giler

     That was the SMS I got from my ‘die hard gunner friend’ when I woke up today in the oncall room. I was oncall when the game was played around 3 am Malaysian time and need to stay back at the hospital. Thanked God the Gunners managed to pull their self together after 3 winless matches post Man Utd drubbing of the Gunners in the FA Cup. Things were sweeter as Arsenal became the first English team to beat AC Milan at the San Siro, the place where Man Utd faltered last season. Sweeter as the Gunners had beaten the Champions League holder who lined-up their best available striking forces with Inzaghi, Kaka and Pato unleashing the strikes.

    So, today I read good news being written in Soccernet and Football365.com about Arsenal championship capabilities as the Gunners have been poundered with heavy criticisms after their slight dip in performance in the Premier League that saw Man Utd closing up the gap to 1 point. I don’t know until when these ‘sweet comments’ will last, but I’m sure praises will be upon the squad for days to come.  Congratulation Gunners!!!!

 The most popular question will be: “Will Arsenal capture the Champion League title this year?”

Everybody will confidently say yes because Arsenal has just beat the holder, and every bit of Ali and Minah will confidently praise the young squad of Arsene Wenger, because Arsenal has just did the IMPOSSIBLE!!

I also want Arsenal to win the Champion League, but I think Arsenal should put priorities into winning the Premier League again. Although Wenger still has got to put his hands around the Champions League trophy, proving his young squad’s capabilities in the Premier League will further boost his super-ego against the ‘mangkuk-ayun’ Ferguson and further shutting-up the mouth of those bloody pundits that egoistically predicted early in the season that the Gunners will surely crash without Henry. I just want them to eat back their sh** and words!!!

However, as always being showed at the Emirates: “in Arsene we trust“, I wish Arsenal all the best in the coming rounds of the Champions League, I wish they play as well as Ahsanal told me, I wish we avoid Man Utd at least until the final, and I wish Arsenal the 2007/08 Champions League Winner 


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