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Anhedonia simply means loss of interest, although psycopatholigically it can be explained in rather elaborative ways. Anhedonia mostly occurs in depressive state.

Well, I’m not at all depressive. But I suddenly losst my interest in playing tennis this evening. Maybe because my partner and me was thrashed 0-6 by khairul and mr rashide, but I found it to be rather odd because I just lost my appetite for a fight back, and preferred to pack up and made my way back home. I suddenly felt a strong feeling of seeing my baby and when I arrived home, straight away took her for our occasional evening walk in the park. And to my surprise, I felt a way lot better after that but perplexed of what had happened.

Was it just a sudden flow of guilty feeling? Guilty because I has been spending a lot of time with her at home, and today I decided to play tennis?

Was it a feeling of dejected and disappointment during the game?

  I really don’t know. I hope I know, but I rather let it be that way…….


Sunday, February 24, 2008 - Posted by | Live n let die! |

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