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Jelatang: the final episode


I just finished watching the drama Jelatang on tv3 just now. We has been following it since the second quater of the show (when the girl, Suria started dating her own to-be step-father).

We thought the show should have ended earlier when the sinful relationship was discovered by Alima, her mother, and then expected it to end again when the culprits were finally discovered… but the producer and director may have other ideas.

   Lastly, it was shown that Suria was suffering from childhood-onset of schizophrenia with co-morbid depression and personality disorder (most likely split personality). But I’m really dissatisfied with how she was presented to be schizophrenic. Since the earlier episodes, she was shown to be a rebellious, demanded, high achiving girl etc etc etc. She was potrayed as having completed her secondary and tertiary education and managed to hold a stable job. She was also involved in love relationship. From my observation, she was able to maintain herself with frequent socializing and abnormallity seen was in term of emotionally lability, highly and easily irritable, sexually preoccupied with the step father.

   But the final episode revealed her as having delusion of ?love (there’s no such delusion of love by the way) and her relationship with her sick boyfriend, Zaid was merely her delusion, and she was shown to be hallucinating (talking to herself) at school, and she always like to keep to herself (in her own world). All of that did not fullfill the DSM-IV TR criteria for schizophrenia – even her delusion was not bizarre enough! Maybe she should be labelled as bipolar mood disorder because of her continous sexual fling and the labile moods. It was just at the end of the episode that she was shown to be paranoid to the ‘hero’, Ezal that was trying to help her. More so, schizophrenia patients do not just forgot who they are and whay had happened to them as they still have intact remote memory, at the most.

Unless the producer and director tried to potray that Suria (and to a lesser extent, her mother) was suffering from a severe level of schizophrenia – ?disorganized, ?paranoid, ?unclassified….. even that so, the presentation still could not convince me!

My advice to tv dramas:

-please make sure that what you guys are showing really make sense (especially medically-related problems) because we are not stupid, and even doctors watch your soap-operas


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  1. penulis jelatang pernah ada affair dgn suami org yg muda 4 thn dr dia.jantan tu ngaku duda memandangkan pompuan tu janda anak 2.kenal kat internet “chatting”.menyedihkan skali dua2 makhluk ni dah buat benda yang layaknya dihukum sula kalau ikut hukum hudud.waktu kjadian isteri jantan tu tgh mengandung dan sampai keguguran makan hati dgn peristiwa hitam tu.pompuan tu lak ngaku pernah convert kristian .antara ayat2 yng masih diingati oleh isterinya “akak gunakan seks sebab nak ikat dia”…”akak kesian sbb dia dh lama tak dpt”…”akak cintakan dia sbb tu akak serahkan bdn akak”….mcm biasala bila dah tkantoi…pada isterilah merayu..minta bg peluang utk ksekian kalinya..itula kisah yang pernah dicerita pd saya oleh isteri malang yang ada suami yang tak takut hukum tuhan…ada tak skit2 mcm criter tu?

    Comment by sha nana | Wednesday, March 12, 2008 | Reply

  2. Maafkan saya sha nana, sejak bila Islam meletakkan sula sebagai salah satu hukum hudud? Satu lg, klau betul penulis tu buat perkara macam tu, dosa pahala dia di tangan tuhan…apa hak kita mendedahkan aib orang pula?…

    ambil pengajaran tak salah, tp bila sudah tahap memfitnah atau mengaibkan orang, dah satu dosa besar…dan jgn suka-suka ubah hukum agama

    I am not here to judge but to share

    Comment by Brother Bib | Tuesday, July 1, 2008 | Reply

  3. Tidak penting samada orang yang diceritakan itu betul-betul buat aib seperti yang dilaporkan. Tapi yang jelasnya, membuka aib orang (walaupun mungkin benar) tanpa cukup 4 saksi adil maka si pembuka aib layak dihukum 80x sebatan. Manakala orang yg dituduh itu kalau memang benar dia melakukan tetapi tiada 4 saksi, dia akan disiksa dalam api neraka, melainkan dia taubat di dunia sebelum mati.

    Comment by Bob Plus | Saturday, September 20, 2008 | Reply

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