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CBT workshop

Events: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Worshop

Place: Cititel Hotel, Penang Road, Penang

Date & Time: 25th January 2007, 9 am – 12 pm

   The workshop was done at the start of this year’s Conference of Behavioral Medicine. I went there together with Khairul, Imran and Gaya. Ok, bad news first: Due to my bad time managements and highly anxious personality, I arrived just on time and while side-parking my car hit the oddly-protruding pillars of the side wall. The results: shattered and broken left tail-lamp, scratched left-sided bumper and skirting, and jutted, misplaced bumper (although I swear that I was so slow in making the movements)…. but if you look at the results of the “kiss”… you’ll probably be too sure that I was at high speed.

Ok… now back to the original story:

The CBT workshop was chaired by Dr Lai from Penang Hospital. He was such a good conductor and managed to deliver the key points during the 3-hour session. In summary, this was what I got:

Counselling skills (listen, listen, paraphrasing, summarising)




Socratic questioning




Behaviour experiments






  I am bloody sure that I can apply it during my working time.

  Ni dah kira perasan terrer la ni! 


Dah cukup…. la ni nak pi settle pasal hal kereta plak. Cilaka betul, ni dah kira burn duit oncall bulan lepas ni! tapi takpa la, anggap jer la ni semua ketetapan Ilahi dan sedekah. Semuanya ada hikmahnya, kan?





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