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Why can’t she become MO?

  My day was “ruined” early today:

   Not because of a bad accident or whatever, but because my wife’s future was brought up by her. So I need to take a sit and a little private ‘chat’ with her to solve it:\

  She has completed her housemanship and currently doing her junior MOship in paediatrics. She applied to be a permanent MO in O&G because she is confident about her O&G managements compared to the other 3 postings. But when she brought this out to the hospital’s director, she was told to complete all her 5 postings and will be KIV being “borrowed” to the O&G department later. Her application is firmly supported by the O&G HOD who is a ‘someone’ in the speciality, and her name was already being mentioned at the state level. Being an obedient junior doctor, she abided by the orders. However, both of us are currently irritated because apparently two of her colleagues (who also only just completed 3 postings) were approved to be permanent MO in orthopaedics. These “friends” apparently got a phone called from the state health department that they were allowed to continue as MO without having to complete the 5 postings (or even need to join the 4th posting!)


   We are baffled about this so called “unfair” treatments. Why are some people allowed to use one way, and the other need to go through the long way. My wife had to endure her housemenship without any weekend-off at all since she started working. And now her currrent department wants to hold her down as a permanent MO although she no interest at all in the field.

  I admit that I also didn’t complete my 5 postings (I only did 3) because joining surgery as a permanent MO (but later quitted as I realized I am not to the desired level of competence). But the “acute” mistreatments of my wife makes me confused. She is made to look as floating without any destination, with view of being transferred to the district level. She suffered alot during the past 1 year in term of work eg colleagus who were inconsiderate, 48 hours of non-stop oncall etc and yet, nobody give a damn. At the end, nobody bother about her wellfare, and maybe, yes, maybe, just a say of:

“Whoa, you ni memang doktor yang bagus la!”

– but will that bring anything to her quality of life? Will that bring happiness and cheerfullness in her? Will that make our baby grow up healthy?

I doubt it……….. 


Thursday, January 24, 2008 - Posted by | Jobs and Works

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