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I can’t run from it!

The psychiatry department MOs had a meeting this afternoon.

The agreements:

1. Gaya won’t be doing any oncalls from next month

    It is well known and accepted that U48 won’t be doing any oncall. So it is timely for her so that she can concentrate on her post grad diploma and be doing all the community jobs she took overf from me

2. We are having a trial of active oncall from next month

    MO oncall will have to stay-in and review the cases at casualty level to prevent unnecessary admission and speed up managements. In some way, it will also increase our income as we will be doing 7 to 8 calls/month…. relatively earning RM1000+. Quite a lot as I’m not actively doing any locum. Will we stay-in the whole night/weekend? This is personally up to the person. Legally, we must stay-in, but at own risk ………

3. Guidelines for referral of incidental ingestion of substance/deliberate self harm

    It is agreed that the guidelines will be distributed to all wards and primary screening done by primary team whether to be referred to a counsellor or straight to psychiatric team.

    I left surgical for already 1 year, and now the dreaded but profitable active oncall is catching up me. I know I just can’t run from it. As being said by so many people since ancient times…: if you are unwilling to do oncalls, pleae don’t be a doctor. It is correct to some extent, but I also think that some of us need a break, some of us can’t accept the times to be seperated from their loved ones, and some of us are just plain fucking lazy. We need to serve the needy.And also need to fill up our pockets!

    But I am jst sad to be leaving baby Jannah to be accompanied by the maid. I took it as part of my responsibility to look after her when my wife is dong her part of the oncall.


Monday, January 21, 2008 - Posted by | Jobs and Works

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  1. Hi there! First time visiting your blog. I came here from 8GCC.

    Good to see another doctor blogger in our little community. 🙂

    Comment by Bernard | Thursday, January 24, 2008 | Reply

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