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Daily sporting activity: Is it good?

  Today is a public holiday here in the state of Kedah because it marks the birthday of its sultan. So, this means a long morning nap and “aktiviti bebas” schedule for the whole family. I usually take the opportunity to play extended games of tennis during holidays, but decided to drop the activity today.

  I decided to  spend the evening with my family. One thing was that I need to look after the little one as my wife just finished her on call but gonna start another one the next day and she having a rather severe right sided headache. Then, I just wanted to take my ‘free’ evening to go for a walk with my beloved ‘budak kecik’

  I am amaze at how some people (non-professional, regular working people) manage to play their favourite sports everyday. It is not that I am against it, but, is there no other important happenings in your life that you manage to play sports everyday? Well, I would love to play tennis everyday, or even rugby or football everyday if I m still a bachelor. Truthfully, I wouldn’t mind taking the court right after work and continue with it the next day. But, when you have a wife to see, children to greet and social obligations to fullfill, the idea of daily sports becomes weird to some extent.

  Then the effects of body exhaustion. You work from 8 till 5, then you put your body through rigourous tasks and then you are unable to lift your eyelids at night after the Maghrib prayer, and before you are able to perform Isya, you are out to the dreamland. Plus the question of where are you going to push in your ‘night’ activities (for the unmarried one!).

  Don’t get me wrong! I am not against physical activities (three times weekly) as recommended by the health authorities. Yup, sports bring a lot of advantages. But is it too much can or may harm us?

   Any suggestions is much appreciated

   -Long live Wilson’s Hammer G!-



Sunday, January 20, 2008 - Posted by | Sports

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