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the Yut Loy experience

I’m here today to write about my favourite past time: EATING

  I think most Malaysians, if not all will be proud to mention that eating is our best enjoyed hobbies. When I was in Kuala Kangsar, I got to know a famous Chinese shop called Yut Loy.

  I first heard its name when I was in form 2 when my prefects barged into the classroom to know who were 2 lucky souls that managed to set foot at that famous eatery. It must be stressed here that no juniors are allowed into that shop until today (unless you are one of the ‘jambu’ or lucky enough to be brought there by a senior – preferably a fifth former.

  So my first eating experience there started when I was in form 4, but I really enjoyed it when in form 5 by frequenting it almost every weekend. Let me stressed here that all the foods and drinks available are considered ‘halal’. However please  dont ask me how sure I am that the chinese there takes only halal material for the cooking. Yes, the Carlsberg, Tiger and other brands are still a no no to Muslims.

  What’s so special about this shop?

  Answers: (according to my opinion)

1. the atmosphere of old, unchanged kopitiam that stands still in time

2. the old, unchanged furnitures and eating utensils; customers still seating on the wooden chairs and hard surfaced tables and drinks hot beverages from old clay? cups.

3. the need to know the menu by yourself and writes it down at the counter when stepping in; you’ll not know what to order if you never eat there before and no waiter will take your order at the table

4. the opportunity to eat upstairs and feels like you are one of the big headed students (can also take opportunity to smoke one or two cigarettes because no teacher dare come upstairs)

5. the superb paus and chinese or western cuisine

Ok, here are the menus that I can still remember:


Roti bakar 1 atau 2 set

Kopi/teh panas


Beef steak

Nasi goreng cina




Pau ayam/daging/kaya/kacang

*sorry, no dinner is served*

  For us budak koleq, the pau will be the all time favourite. It will be prepared around 10 am and will only be available at 2 pm onwards but will always be finished by 4 pm. Don’t even ask for the pau during the old boys weekend unless you have preordered it before coming down as the owner still prepares the same number of pau even if he knows that the old boy weekend is coming – again, don’t ask me why. The pau is so famous and I am sure that it beats the infamous Tg Malim’s Yik Mun pau by 100 miles. The pau’s consistency is so smooth and soft as you can almost feel it melts in your mouth and the contents will blow your gastric cavity away. It is a well known secret that the Sultan of Perak and Pahang will order the pau by the hundreds and has them transported to their palaces.

  You can meet all sort of people if you spend your time at the shop. It will be usually frequented by Chinese men most times and some Indians and Malay folks that can’t resist the pao. During the OBW, even big shots in the country make their stop at the shop, so expect to see politicians, administrators, celebrities and not least the true blue pau enthusiasts.

  I cannot resist the temptation of stopping there whenever I make that south-bound trips, or on the way back home. I don’t really mind if the stop is just for a set of roti bakar without any pau as the feeling being in a familiar eatery will make me happy for a long time after that.

  Why don’t join me there? We can always make an appointment to lunch there. Erase the perception that Muslims can’t eat others meals. Yakinkan diri, jangan ragu-ragu, Insyaallah, kita akan maju.

“Malaysia, truely Asia”

“Yut Loy, truely the original pau”

Best regards



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